Pokemon x Yu-Gi-Oh: I Choose You to D-D-D-Duel

Pokemon x Yu-Gi-Oh: I Choose You to D-D-D-Duel

Acosta Clothing is sporadically dropping heat! The Bay area based brand has been dropping crazy pieces recently including Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon inspired buckets and 5 panels!

I absolutely love the original, nostalgic idea of putting Polywrath, Venasuar, Dark Machamp, Ninetails and my Pokemon doppelgänger, Pidgeotto on a hat or anything for that matter. The attention to detail with these is real. They have the exact colors and copies of each card. They aren’t like those fake ass sticker cards you would get when you put two quarters in the machine at the corner store.


Only problem you have now is choosing the Pokemon Bucket or the 5 Panel. Whats it gonna be?


Yo, the 5 panel has my favorite Pokemon of all time Charizard on the front! You gotta get both! The people at Acosta Clothing really have something here.

Pokemon was my first love when it comes to card collecting, followed by baseball cards, escort cards (went to Vegas with the family when I was 10) and last but not least Yu-Gi-Oh cards. I was the nicest when it came to dueling bruh, you didn’t want to see me pull out the deck.


This shit really has Exodia The Forbidden One right on top of the bucket. It even has Gaia The Fierce Knight, Baby Dragon, and Blue Eyes Toon Dragon crazy ass on there, this is wild. I can’t choose I hope ya’ll can!

However, if you have a Mandigo then I recommend copping their Dashiki.


Visit their site to check out the rest of their collection!

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