Be Street comes to Los Angeles!

Be Street comes to Los Angeles!

While last year’s Los Angeles installment of the 2- Day Be Street Festival was raided by the SWAT Team, the show must go on…this year at The Container Yard! Featuring music curated from Soulection, some of the artists showcased are esta., StarRo, NiceGuyxVinny, The Whooligan, Andre Power, many more and as well as a secret guest (don’t sleep, we just got Ta-Ku at The Sound of Tomorrow!). For all of the art lovers out there, James Haunt, Aaron Kai, Luke Pelletier and others are headlining live art and exhibits. Not to mention there’s a skatepark and a urban fashion showcase from Rebel8, Mishka (popularly styled as Мишка), Primitive and many more.

For tickets and more info…head here, and if you’re thinking about it, the tickets are super cheap right now.

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