1TakeQuan x 1TakeJay – “MF” Music Video

1TakeQuan and 1TakeJay ‘set it off in this MF’ in their new music video for “MF”!

Vaughnyxocho35 – “Valleyside”

Vaughnyxocho35 is gearing up for a brand new EP; Valleyside. “Valleyside” is the first single off of the upcoming project and it sets the tone. Jioproducedit brings heavy bass and loaded percussion for the sound of the track. Vaughny takes us across SFV in his…

Lil Loaded – “Hit Em Up” Music Video

Dallas star Lil Loaded is back with another slapper and visual for “Hit Em Up”. Loaded and his crew are strapped up with nerf guns in a dimly lit house. ShotByJoLo captures this with ease. Another display of Loaded’s demanding flow and memorable lyrics. His…