Rosecrans Radio 069 With Giggles Irene Featuring Holland Izz

Rosecrans Radio sat with the extremely talented 19 year old artist from Compton, Holland Izz. We spoke to him about Horchata, growing up in Compton, what it was like to have a Dad who was a rapper and much more.

1TakeQuan – “Grub Hub” Music Video Prod. by Yung Pear

“Grub Hub” is one of 1TakeQuan‘s best tracks where listeners hear his rugged voice & witty bars alongside his undeniable energy, so of course the visual would be no different. Although a bit simple than most, it does well to show viewers what Quan is all about & shines light on his best lines found […]

AzSwaye “TNB” Freestyle Prod. by DuseBeatz

AzSwaye has just released a fire new freestyle that is sure to spark that confident feeling in listeners to start off the week. Delivering his sly self-assured energy over a Duse production, no topic is off limits when it comes to Swaye throwing shade within his bars. “You love saving hoes, you the number one […]

Rob Markman – “Talk to Me” Feat. Wave Matthews Prod. by The Track Burnaz

Rob Markman has released a new single that is sure to have most listeners in their feelings this wonderful Friday for the best reasons, we hope. With the wonderful vocals of Wave Matthews featured on the track, Rob delivers some real emotions of a relationship that has lost it’s spark. As the feelings of missing that […]

Shawn Eff – “Hit My Step” Feat. Mike Sherm & Yhung TO

Artist Shawn Eff has released a new visual for the track “Hit My Step” that features Mike Sherm & Yhung TO. The banger is the latest from Shawn’s upcoming “I Ain’t Shit” EP that is said to be arriving soon. Within the BC directed visual, Eff & Sherm are seen within a parking lot setting turning […]

Saviii 3rd – “Bullshit” Feat. Mozzy

Saviii 3rd has tapped in with Sacramento’s own Mozzy to deliver a track titled “Bullshit” that contains a solid gangster vibe that is an easy listen. Within their verses, each artist speaks of the life that has molded them that is difficult to leave behind. As they both continuously find themselves in situations where old […]

J.I.D Releases “151 Rum”

As fans prepare for the release of “Dicaprio 2” (you can listen to the first Dicaprio mixtape here), J.I.D has released the highly anticipated first single titled “151 Rum.” Over a Christo & Nice Rec production, the track carries a heightened level of awakening when listening as J.I.D effortlessly delivers his fast-paced flow & excellent wordplay. […]

Devour Interview W/ Rosecrans Ave

An incredibly popular and dope artist named Devour sat with Rosecrans Vic of Rosecrans Ave for a revealing new interview. The L.A. native shared stories of performing at backyard boogies with a handful of people in the crowd, how long he’s been making music, who he makes music for and much more. Interview shot and […]

Drakeo The Ruler – “Touchin'” Feat. Bandgang Javar & Slimmy B (Prod. YFK98)

Following the thrilling visual for “Roll Bounce”, Drakeo The Ruler continues to offer content from behind bars and now on the day of his Pre-trial hearing. He releases a powerful track with Bandgang Javar and SOB X RBE’s Slimmy B titled “Touchin’”. All three emcees deliver compelling verses over the nervous YFK98 produced beat. Drakeo is right on track to get out and exercise a […]

Big $wift Unleashes “Trap Nigga” Featuring Fred Blaze Rob TWO

I can infer via context clues that Big $wift isn’t going to let up any time soon. He unleashes another banger titled “Trap Nigga” produced by Long Beach’s Active Tracks. If you’ve never frequented the trap nor been around some fellas who really live that life, this song will give you a first hand account […]

R. Baron Welcomes Az Chike & 1Take Jay

Los Angeles behind the scenes power duo, R. Baron, consisting of two experienced music businessmen Jeremiah “Picaso” Aubert and TK Kimbro are at it again. These two have already made a huge impact and changed the lives of many of today’s biggest stars coming out of LA. They’ve gotten behind many of the renowned artists out of the […]

YG Airs Out 6ix9ine In The New Visual For “Bulletproof” Feat. Jay 305

YG releases the visual for “Bulletproof”, a standout track featuring Jay 305 off his recent album Stay Dangerous. The enthusiastic and thrilling track doesn’t come into effect until at least a minute into the visual. YG comes at 6ix9ine during that first minute and makes sure it is with force. The video’s director Austin Simkins shoots a man with rainbow hair […]

Yung Pinch – “Castaway” Music Video Prod. by The Atomix

Yung Pinch delivers a new music video for his latest release titled “Cast Away.” Over an Atomix production, the visual begins with Pinch laying on the shore with a Wilson volleyball nearby in reference to the classic film. As he picks himself up & makes his way back to the water, the scene changes to […]

AzChike – “Licked Up” Music Video Feat. Almighty Suspect Dir. by IMGFilms

AzChike delivers a fire visual for his “Licked Up” track that features Almighty Suspect. Directed by IMGFilms, the Cult, Almighty, & some of the homies are seen rummaging through a house looking for cash. With a bit of comedy in between alongside the epic transitions & graphics make the visual a stand-out one that fans […]

Reason – “Summer Up” Music Video Dir. by Jerome D

Reason takes listeners through the good old days in his latest visual for “Summer Up.” The Jereome D production begins with the newest signee rolling down the street in a Benz truck. As he raps, ‘Tryin’ to get that new Benz for the summer…‘ the visual ‘rewinds’ adding a VHS filter as Reason is seen with […]

PREMIERE: Osbe Chill “Think Fast” Prod. Davaughn

Osbe Chill has brought us an extremely dope new visual for his “Think Fast” song produced by Davaughn. The retro looking video has shots of Los Angeles that resembles a classic crime movie from the 90’s like Colors or Deep Cover all it was missing was Laurence Fishburne or Sean Penn. Coincidentally, the song could’ve […]

Correy C – “One Try” Feat. TeeJay3K & Deborah Prod. by Meez + Louie Ji

Correy C hits the Avenue with his new track titled “One Try” as he confidently raps on shooting his one shot because in reality, that’s all he needs. The soothing vocals of Deborah are heard throughout as TeeJay3k comes in soon afterwards to deliver his verse. Over a Meez & Louie Ji production, it’s safe […]

DJ Bugsy x Rucci x 1TakeJay – “Weed, Pills, & Drank”

DJ Bugsy has blessed us with a new track just in time for the weekend titled “Weed, Pills, & Drank.” Containing verses from Rucci & 1TakeJay, with the chemistry these two hold music fans already know it’s a certified banger. As both artsits use their unique flows to talk their sh*t & rep their teams, […]

Desto Dubb – “Free Lil Pump” Prod. by Cbmix

Over a Cbmix production Desto Dubb reps for his homie Lil Pump on his latest release titled “Free Lil Pump.” As Dubb covers the topics of traveling, voting for Trump, & Russ; the track bumps. The ‘Gucci Gang’ rapper is currently behind bars for violating his probabtion but is said to be back soon enough. […]

Shy Glizzy – “Where We Come From” Feat. Youngboy Never Broke Again

While his upcoming EP gets closer, Shy Glizzy recruits the buzzing Youngboy Never Broke Again for the influential track “Where We Come From”. This is a promising look at what the EP has in store as Shy Glizzy continues to release quality content. He has consistently held himself to a higher standard and never falls short […]

Mozzy – “Thugz Mansion” Music Video Feat. Ty Dolla $ign & YG

Mozzy hits up the classic Tupac track “Thugz Mansion” with his own personal twist within his latest visual. As everyone residing in the mansion is seen wearing all white, the tempo from the original track with a slight trap feel is carried throughout as Ty Dolla $ign sings the chorus with such ease. Tugging on […]

G Perico – “How U Want It” Music Video

G Perico hits us with a new visual for the closing track off his latest “Guess What?” project titled “How U Want It.” Opening with a shot of some beautiful ladies getting a good workout, Perico comes into view wearing all blue shower cap & all. With a unique bounce filter that is carried throughout […]

Saviii 3rd – “Troopas”

Fresh off our Don’t Come to LA stage, Cash Money’s newest signee Saviii 3rd has announced via his Instagram that “Troopas” will be his debut single under the label. As some fans might know, the single comes from his “All Eyez on 3” project & showcases his flow alongside the storytelling that his lyrics hold. […]

PREMIERE: Chris O’Bannon Releases Cold New Visual For “Raise The Price”

Compton native Chris O’Bannon‘s stock has been steadily rising since he began making music. However, his notoriety has risen even more since he’s ingratiated himself with today’s best new artists by working with acts such as Buddy, Nef The Pharoah, AllBlack, 03 Greedo (free him), and G. Perico, Kalan.frfr, Roddy Ricch, as well as young […]

Drakeo The Ruler – “Roll Bounce” Official Music Video

Regardless of being incarcerated while awaiting trial, Drakeo The Ruler has continued to keep his head held high and shown it’s impossible to slow him down. He proves this yet again as he releases the Mr. Real Movie and Voice2Hard directed visual for “Roll Bounce”, a record off last years Cold Devil project. The noteworthy Fizzle produced track is depicted in popular Stinc […]

G Perico – “All Nighter” Music Video Shot by Patroni Films

Off his “Guess What?” release, G Perico delivers a Patroni production for the track “All Nighter.” Opening with a scene of Perico chilling, the visual quickly cuts to multiple Perico’s alongside one another, a theme that is carried artistically throughout the visual. As he rolls down the streets at night in his black Benz, he […]

G Perico – “Guess What?”

“Guess what? Sh*t going better than ever…” since the release of G Perico‘s latest project that is made up of 7 dope tracks. As he opens up with a “Guess What?” (Intro), Perico takes fans through a bit of inspiration, reminding them that sh*t don’t stop. With only 2 features on track “Play Wit It” […]

JAG Releases “2700” EP

The long awaited “2700” EP from South Central’s own JAG is has arrived that features tracks “The Nomo Years” & “Tap In” (Trey Songz). JAG has delivered a solid body of work that hip-hop fans are sure to enjoy that contains his energy fueled flow & epic lyricism. With features from Cozz, Reason, Ty Dolla $ign, […]

BlueFace Is The “Next Big Thing” And Here Is His New Video

The inconceivable rise of Blueface continues. The Schoolyard Crip and former barber turned rapper is one of the hottest rappers in L.A. at the moment. He currently has over a million plays on his viral hit, “Dead Locs” and “Bussdown Thotiana” was seemingly required by state law to be played at least once at every […]

Big $wift Releases Sleek New Visual For “Stacks In The Whip” Dir. Outkast Marcoss

RosecransAve mainstay Big $wift has linked with Outkast Marcoss for a sleek new visual to the booming single, “Stacks In The Whip” produced by Saltreze and $wift himself. The video shows $wift in his natural habitat, surrounded by gaggles of ganja, women braiding his hair and wopping their derrière. Watch below!

Yung Pinch – “This My Wave” Official Music Video

The beach boy is back again with another uplifting track and video to go with it. Yung Pinch’s visual for “This My Wave” is exquisitely shot and edited bringing the catchy track to life. The directing done by Jake Osmun and No Future is executed perfectly and captures the vibe of The Atomix produced track. Yung Pinch consistently drops music that […]

Petty Petty – “Sinister”

Petty Petty releases a 7-track project “Sinister” and it’s full of hits. This is his third solo project to date and he solidifies his ability on the mic once again. The production of the majority of the tracks is done by Laudiano with appearances from LowTheGreat, ChillOutMar, D-Swag, and Mike Crook. Petty also taps in with A$ton Matthews on the final song making […]

GuapDad4000 – Won’t Leave (Prod. OfficialBLSSD)

Oakland artist GuapDad4000 releases another unique track titled “Won’t Leave”. The melodic vocals over the soothing and serious OfficialBLSSD produced beat make for an outstanding listen. GuapDad4000 continues to impress and pave a way for his own well defined sound. He has proven his versatility with his style within each new song. Stream the track below!

Shoreline Mafia – “Bands” In-Studio Performance

Since the release of Rob Vicious “Traplantic,” music fans have been awaiting the release of a visual for track “Bands” that contains all four Shoreline Mafia members on the track. Opening with Ohgeesy walking into the studio Atlantic Records, he effortlessly lays down his verse as the setting is changed to Vicious. With women moving […]

PREMIERE: Larry June Links With Dreebo For “Organic Pimping” Prod. By Saltreze

Anything Larry June does is organic. From his purchasing of freshly squeezed $9 orange juice, to the sunscreen he applies before he takes a bike ride on the beach, down to his managing of women. Everything is organic, even his recording process. Just like his new record, “Organic Pimping”. He organically received a fire Saltreze […]

PREMIERE: A$ton Matthews Releases Titillating “10 TOEZ” Video Directed by Jon Psycho

  L.A.’s own A$ton Matthews has released a titillating new video for his “10 TOEZ” track (produced by JimmyPedigree). Directed by Jon Psycho, the visual gives you a first hand account of a regular Tuesday night for A$ton and his boys. They are doing what any good street philanthropists would do, give back to their […]

Rosecrans Radio 067 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Ghoulavelii & Kolby Turner

Alamo Records own Ghoulavelii and his A&R Kolby Turner stopped by Rosecrans Radio during their recent trip to LA. The Tacoma Washington native has an extremely interesting story he shares with us about how he got involved making music. Ghoul was originally making punk rock, touring around the west coast at 14 years old. We […]

Garren – “The One”

Garren delivers another dope track titled “The One” that is sure to instill confidence for those who listen. A short track that is full of emotion that is easily heard & felt through his vocals, he paints a picture of his journey. Knowing it won’t get easier, he inspires listeners by letting them know he’s […]

Larry June – “Expensive Lemonade” Music Video Shot by @girlslovetrey Prod. by PatrickwavMaker

Larry June hits us with a visual for his track titled “Expensive Lemonade” that comes off his most recent ‘Sum Slight‘ EP. Shot by Trey (@girlslovetrey), the visual shows June living his most luxurious yet healthy lifestyle as he enjoys the fruits of his labor. As he strolls about in his white robe while drinking […]

Comethazine – “Bawskee”

The Alamo Records prodigy Comethazine releases his long awaited 18-track project Bawskee. From the jump the energy of the tape is high and carries on throughout never losing it’s vibrant flow. The two features match the mood precisely with Lil Yachty and Ugly God. Not to mention the pristine producers that are featured including Foreign Heat, Ronny J, Trillogy, Bhunnah, and ChaseTheMoney. […]

Shy Glizzy – “Do You Understand” Feat. Tory Lanez & Gunna Official Video

Shy Glizzy joins forces with Tory Lanez and Gunna for the “Do You Understand” visual. The Turbo produced track is portrayed in dramatic and elegant effect. Direction from Chancellor Warhol captures shots from a mansion to a disclosed warehouse. While the editing done by Andy Rickert & Dustin Stanek elevates the cleanly shot footage. Watch the visual below.

Mozzy – “Not Impressive” (Official Video)

Sacramento’s accomplished artist, Mozzy’s anticipated album Gangland Landlord seems to be getting closer to it’s arrival as he drops a new visual for “Not Impressive”. The track is a hit and the video is a direct reflection of the mood it carries.  It hits the point and puts a better perspective into the viewers mind. The straight to […]

Reason – “The Soul” Music Video

The newest signee to TDE has released a visual for his track titled “The Soul.” As Reason speaks of the patience that comes with chasing one’s dreams, he includes clips from his first shows along with his purest moments in the booth & being surrounded by loved ones. As he makes his way to the […]

Kalan.frfr – “Thug It Out” Music Video Prod. by YoRittchieHitThatShit Shot By @ourjustntime.jpg

Kalan.Frfr has released a new music video for his track titled “Thug It Out” that seems to take place within Delta Ave. The opening track to his recent “TwoFr” EP release, he brings his joyous energy & talents to life within the visual as he counts his money, busts a move, & lives it up […]

JAG – “Tap In” feat. Trey Songz Prod. by Bizness Boi & Ricandthadeus

JAG hits the Avenue with a new track titled “Tap In” off his upcoming “2700” EP & grabs the vocals of Trey Songz for a dope feature. Delivering dope bars over a blissful beat produced by Bizness Boi & Richand Thadeus  JAG & Songz are focused on the positive. Forever being proud of who they are […]

Listen to 3rd’s Criminally Good, New Single “My Bonnie” Prod. By Saltreze

Los Angeles artist 3rd has returned onto the scene with a criminally good, new single titled, “My Bonnie” produced by Saltreze. Bonnie is a reference to the infamous story of Bonnie and Clyde, the duo who robbed a slew of banks together in the early 1930’s, then were tragically killed by gunfire in one of […]

Shoreline Mafia Releases “Whuss Da Deal” Music Video Dir. by LewisYouNasty Prod. by Ron-Ron

Opening with a discolored slow-motion shot of Shoreline members Ohgeesy & Fenix pouring one for the homies & the legends, the visual for “Whuss Da Deal” begins with the classic intro that fans all know & love. ‘This music video from Southland rap group Shoreline Mafia shows them partying in a kitchen with something you’re […]

Rosecrans Radio 066 With Cypress Moreno Featuring ManMan Savage

East Atlanta legend ManMan Savage joined Rosecrans Vic, Cypress Moreno, Irene and Miguelito for a dope episode where they speak about ManMan’s early rap career, his time in jail, what his time on the TRAPLANTIC tour was like, who was in his top 8 on Myspace and much more. Listen below.

Rosecrans Radio 065 With Cypress Moreno Featuring Kalan.frfr

Rosecrans Radio sat with incredibly talented singer/rapper Kalan.frfr for a supremely interesting interview. He speaks on being a high school and college football star meanwhile balancing music, What’s changed for him in 2018, his latest project TWO FR and much more.

Mike Free – “How You Love That” Feat. Mani Coolin & Niko G4 Official Music Video

  All Star producer Mike Free recruits Mani Coolin and Niko G4 for “How You love That”, the first single released off his Ratchet Wave project. The project is due to release some time this month while the visual shot by Mr. Real Movie keeps the anticipation high. The clips for the video show the three partying in luxurious fashion while Mani and Niko […]

Artist Spotlight

LNDN DRGS -“Hop Out” Remix Feat. Curren$y Music Video

LNDN DRGS -“Hop Out” Remix Feat. Curren$y Music Video

LNDN DRGS & Curren$y deliver a dope visual to match the track that perfects the definition of cruising music. Within “Hop Out” both artists are seen enjoying themselves within the hypnotic track with classic lowrider cars close behind. Showcasing their smooth delivery with a cruise down the boulevard, the visual may bring back some memories for most. Watch […]