Kali Keef – “Keef Mode”

Suburban Trapstar Kali Keef has officially released his debut album, Keef Mode. Sanktem goes in on the production for each song, and Kali makes sure his flow goes smoothly with each track as he makes sure to shame the doubters and the dudes who now want to latch on to his success. Make sure to give the […]

Kendrick Lamar “The Heart Part IV” 

Kendrick Lamar dropped the fucking fire flame bars for all you fucking hot cheeto hair headass adlibbing ass wanna be rappers and their brainless stans! Listen here!


Zayce Hundo, Joel Pe$o, Oddly Shrugs, 6Villa, and J6sh Solo are providing a futuristic west coast sound. “2 Seater” sounds like the year is 2050 yet you’re still rolling in a ’64 Impala on gold Dayton’s. This is the sauciest posse cut I’ve ever heard, everybody on the track has bars, but still has that […]

Frank Ocean – “Chanel”

Seemingly by surprise, Frank Ocean was announced to have a new episode of his “Blonded” Beats 1 radio program tonight. Rumors were circulating that in that program, he would release a new song, and given Frank’s track record of saying he’ll drop something but he doesn’t end up doing anything at all, I just shrugged […]

Joey Bada$$ – “Land Of The Free” Music Video

Joey Bada$$ has just released visuals for his newest single “Land Of The Free“, off of his upcoming album All-Amerikkkan Bada$$. In the video, we see Joey in what seems to be a desert, and he leads a group of people in chains through this desert only to be met by white cops who shoot a couple […]

Rob TWO “If She’s Listening” Prod. Rob TWO

Rob Two, the rapper, producer and director has released the most fire song with T-Pain vibes titled “If She’s Listening”. Listen below.

6Villa “Miss Me” Ft Joel Pe$o Prod. Rit$y

THIS THAT GOES FAST, DOPE PASS, HOE LAG, GO MAN, WHOA FAM, GET. THAT. DOE. FAM. I think I got that right, my apologies if I didn’t, but it’s one of those hooks that will never leave your head and you’ll be mumbling to yourself when no music is on in the most awkward situations. […]

Joel Pe$o & Oddly Shrugs “Fabolous” Prod. Joel Pe$o

LA’s own Joel Pe$0 and Oddly Shrugs link for a rambunctious record titled “Fabulous”. The two hypnotically dope rhyme-sayers seemed to knock their cups full of dope over in the studio and spill sauce all over the track. Instead of running to get the mop they let it all marinate and no one cleaned it […]

3rd Ave “Enemiez” Prod. Saltreze 

3rd Ave has returned with some heat! Produced by none other than hitmaker Saltreze! I’m really trying to play this song at ignorant levels in front of my enemiez while drinking Hennessey, hopefully I’m in my car and I can skrt off in the most disrespectful fashion. It’s perfect for being petty and stunting on […]

Thundercat – “Friend Zone”

Thundercat is back with a new single on Valentine’s Day appropriately titled “Friend Zone“, where many of you out there are stuck in on this day. Thundercat is straight out telling this girl that he doesn’t want to be stuck in that dreaded friend zone, because “that’s that bullshit.” And also, don’t text him after 2 […]

Just in Time For Valentine’s Day,  The “No Pulling Out” Playlist

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day filled with love and lust as well as sorrow mixed with regret for others. We here at RosecransAve have compiled a playlist of songs from some dope new R&B singers here that will have you so deep in your feelings you won’t be able to pull out, or if you’re […]

#AuxSupport x @JayeDoe

We$t Good, so its the middle of February which means summer’s in about 2 weeks in Southern California. Now I don’t know about you but this winter shit has been wack to me for about 2 months now, I’m begging for summer to come back like it was my ex girlfriend. If you’re trying to […]

Earl Swavey “Blessing From Rosewood” Prod. Cypress Moreno (Video)

Earl Swavey linked with DJ turned go-to LA producer Cypress Moreno on this banger “Blessing From Rosewood”. The video was just premiered on VICE’s Noisey blog.

Artist Spotlight



KB Devaughn of Inglewood made a fucking fire record titled “Playin” which is exactly what he’s not doing by releasing this masterpiece off the rip. The Big Pun “Still Not a Player” sample is flipped by producer Dezzie Gee in such a dope way it actually does the original justice. KB’s gravely voice sails over the […]