Menace Summer 2015 Collection Available Now

Menace Summer 2015 Collection Available Now

LA based clothing company Menace has released its 2015 Summer Collection. This collection is “Inspired by the “sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll” era of the 60’s-70’s, Summer 2015 touches on multiple subjects that coincide with the time. Drugs, sex, and the rebellious counterculture were the lasting impressions left by the 60’s / 70’s and by being endorsed by the rock n’ roll rockstars of that time, America has never really shaken off the effects. Like before, the “fuck authority” attitude and recreational drug use in the youth is prevalent. The 60’s gave birth to multiple outlets of creativity and leisure. They were a time of self-fulfillment and most importantly a time of rebellious spirit, an attitude that we hope never fades away.” which sounds super bad ass. I feel like if Menace LA was around during that time Boston George would have wore the fuck outta these threads. Actually, I heard he got out of prison recently, yo Menace, ya’ll should ship Georgie some fits.

Admittedly this is a few days late, and we hope not all the fire joints aren’t sold out yet, but we here at RosecransAve, still feel the need to put you on this ill brand if you aren’t already. You may have already seen rising superstar Kehlani in these fits, or maybe you seen Wale wear the Menace World Tour hoody at Wrestlemania or maybe you just came across them via your Instagram popular page. We posted about them last year and since then their collections have been iller and iller. Cop the Summer collection here now before it’s too late!

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