Pray Its Not Actual Hell

Pray Its Not Actual Hell

Long Beach native Vince Staples has just released a visual for his song “Fire” off of his debut EP, Hell Can Wait. The opening scene gets straight into action, as we see Vince hurrying inside a church and goes straight to the confessional. His first verse is him confessing how he dropped out of high school and how he was “thuggin on the back streets catching cases.” While saying this, you have to look at the father’s reaction on the other side of the confessional, his face is priceless. The hook is reminiscent of Biggies line “when I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell.”

Vince confesses that he’s lived his life full of sin, but it’s cool because heaven can’t get him into a bitch’s bed, so he admits he’ll probably end up in hell anyway. The father seems completely out of words, and after “confessing” his second verse, we can see him praying for Vince. May Jesus deliver him from hell. Or to hell, since he’ll “probably finna go to hell anyway.” Let’s pray the hell he’s referring to is Mesa, Arizona for his show October 20th and not actual hell.

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