98Priest strives to impress with ‘Let Love: In’ project

98Priest strives to impress with ‘Let Love: In’ project

Introducing “Let Love: In,” the latest project from 98Priest (@98Priest), an emerging music sensation hailing from San Antonio, TX. In the vast and diverse landscape of music, some artists shine not only for their talent but also for their unapologetic vulnerability and raw storytelling. 98Priest, also known as Nijewl Priest, is one such rising star, seamlessly blending the soulful vibes of the ’70s with modern storytelling, making his music transcend eras and genres.

The significance of 98Priest’s name lies in its origin – “Born in ’98, and Priest is my mother’s last name,” he shares. This fusion of birth year and family name holds deep meaning for 98Priest, anchoring him to his roots while embarking on a distinctive musical journey.

“Let Love: In” is an emotive three-track EP, serving as the first chapter in a compelling three-part love story. Scheduled for release on August 4, 2023, this project authentically reflects the artist’s personal life experiences. “Every piece of music I create is directly inspired by the current events unfolding in my everyday life,” he reveals.

The EP delves into the quest for love and self-discovery, with 98Priest baring his soul in each track, taking listeners on a profound journey of realization and redemption. “It’s about recognizing my past mistakes in love and making a desperate attempt to come back and right all wrongs,” he explains.

Describing his sound as a fusion of ’70s groove and contemporary storytelling, 98Priest’s music effortlessly spans RnB/Soul to Rap, captivating audiences with its deep emotional depth from the very first note.

For those new to his music, 98Priest recommends starting with “ENERGY,” a powerful track that encapsulates the essence of his artistry, laying bare emotions with an honest authenticity that resonates deeply with listeners.

Inspired by musical legends such as J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, OutKast, and Isaiah Rashad, 98Priest aspires to create timeless music that transcends boundaries, connecting with people from all walks of life.

One of the proudest moments in 98Priest’s music career has been finding the confidence to step out of his comfort zone and wholeheartedly pursue his musical passion. As a naturally shy person, embracing vulnerability through music marked a significant turning point for him, leading to profound personal and artistic growth.

Looking to the future, 98Priest plans to collaborate with his brother NEM6 (NEMO) on an exciting project following the completion of “Let Love: In.” In terms of broader music career goals, his focus remains on creating music that resonates deeply and touches hearts across the globe.

Through “Let Love: In” and his music as a whole, 98Priest invites fans to join him on a journey of self-discovery, showcasing his genuine and heartfelt expression as an invitation for listeners to embark on their own transformative experiences.

Listen to “Let Love: In” via the link below: https://open.spotify.com/album/6ytKJBdUETabIrm6W59CFy?si=vhDFFV-bQayXmu4un0Dfmg

To connect with 98Priest and immerse yourself in his soul-stirring music, you can find him on various social media platforms:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/98Priest Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/98priest/ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@98tales?_t=8eEs1IQkb5q&_r=1

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