New Music: Toso – “Lotta Doe”

New Music: Toso – “Lotta Doe”

Los Angeles-based artist Toso (@tosomusic) is set to make a profound impact on the music scene with his new single, “Lotta Doe.” Known for his clear, lyrical, and melodic style, Toso’s music carries a conscious and fun vibe that resonates with listeners. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences, the artist has crafted a unique sound that sets him apart from the crowd.

Originally from Providence, Rhode Island, Toso made the bold decision to relocate to Los Angeles in pursuit of his dreams. Reflecting on his journey, he shared, “I got sick of the cold weather and boredom, so I packed up my car and drove to Los Angeles, California, where I currently reside.” This leap of faith and change of scenery played a crucial role in shaping Toso’s musical direction.

When it comes to his artist name, Toso explained, “My artist name is Toso, pronounced ‘Tuh-Sow,’ but some people pronounce it ‘Tow-Sow.’ It’s a short version of my middle name, which in Nigerian translates to ‘Glory be to God.'” From a young age, Toso was called by this name, making it a natural choice for his music career.

Describing his sound to readers unfamiliar with his work, Toso emphasized the versatility he brings to his music. “I’m very diverse when making music because I let the beat determine how I sound,” he stated. “One song I might take a J-Cole or Jay-Z approach and just give you straight bars. Other songs, I might say very few words and create a catchy sing-along vibe.” Toso’s ability to experiment with different sounds keeps his music fresh and exciting, showcasing his growth and evolution as an artist.

Passion fuels Toso’s drive to create music, as he aims to share the same joy and excitement he experiences during the creative process with his listeners. “Writing a dope song that I absolutely love and then getting bored with it is why I’m so passionate about music,” Toso confessed. He finds motivation in knowing that his fans will connect with his music on a profound level, experiencing the same emotions he pours into each track.

Throughout his musical journey, Toso has drawn inspiration from a range of artists who have left an indelible mark on his style and life. Ludacris, Eminem, Nas, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa are just a few of the names that have influenced his sound and approach. These artists played a significant role in shaping Toso’s passion for hip-hop and his decision to pursue music as a career.

Toso is currently focused on promoting his single, “Lotta Doe,” set to release on June 16th, 2023, accompanied by a music video. The song serves as a motivational anthem for individuals who work hard and refuse to rely on handouts. Toso’s intention is to inspire listeners who face the challenges of being independent artists in an industry saturated with talent.

Looking ahead, Toso has ambitious plans for his music career. He intends to release a series of singles throughout the year and is also working on another album. As he continues to build his fan base and expand his catalog, Toso aims to collaborate with established artists to further elevate his artistry.

Through his music, Toso hopes to convey his unique perspective and creativity, encouraging listeners to explore his discography beyond the upcoming project. “I’m the type of artist that anyone can listen to,” he expressed. “So hopefully, after y’all like this project, you go check out my past albums and singles and follow me for the next ones.”

To stay connected with Toso and his musical journey, fans can follow him on Instagram @tosomusic and subscribe to his YouTube channel The Real Toso. With “Lotta Doe” serving as a testament to his artistry, Toso is ready to captivate audiences with his distinctive sound and thought-provoking lyrics.

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