West Coast Vibes Collide in 22Gfay and Bino Rideaux’s Latest Visual Spectacle “Viral”

Los Angeles, CA – August 25, 2023 – 22Gfay and Bino Rideaux, join forces to drop an electrifying visual masterpiece titled “Viral.” With their combined lyrical finesse and unmatched swagger, this duo is set to redefine the very essence of West Coast hip-hop.

“Viral” isn’t just a music video; it’s a visual symphony that encapsulates the essence of California’s modern rap scene. The masterminds behind this epic collaboration are none other than the unparalleled wordsmith 22Gfay and the charismatic harmonizer Bino Rideaux. Known for their distinctive styles and captivating storytelling, these artists have brewed up a concoction that’s sure to set the internet ablaze.

This visual extravaganza directed by ShotByLate takes viewers on an enthralling journey through the hills of Southern California, where captivating skyline views paint a picture all on their own while the palm trees sway to the rhythm of the hazy beat. The cinematography is nothing short of cinematic brilliance, with shots that make you feel like you’re on top of the world with Gfay and Bino. From sun-soaked rooftops to late-night gatherings, the video captures the eclectic spirit of So-Cal, adding an extra layer of authenticity to the duo’s artistry.

As the beats of “Viral” pulsate through your speakers, you’ll find it impossible to resist nodding along to its infectious rhythm. The chemistry between 22Gfay and Bino Rideaux is palpable, their verses weaving seamlessly together, creating a dynamic that’s as mesmerizing as it is magnetic. The track itself is a testament to their lyrical prowess, a testament to their ability to craft verses that hit hard and stay with you long after the music stops.

“Viral” isn’t just a song; it’s a statement, a movement, a testament to the power of collaboration. 22Gfay and Bino Rideaux are carving their names into the annals of West Coast hip-hop history, and “Viral” is their exclamation point. 

Stay tuned for 22Gfay’s new project coming in the following weeks. 

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