Rising Artist, Chazzy Kaidd Releases His Engaging New EP


With the world brought to its’ knees by the ever elusive Coronavirus, it seems that we might be moving closer and closer to people not leaving their homes, unless absolutely necessary. If that happens, people will need at-home entertainment, and streaming will be going up more than ever. Due to this, we got you covered with some of the music you should be playing during that time. Hailing from Louisiana, rising rapper Chazzy Kaidd is one of those artists, and he checks in with his infectious new EP, M.A.W.L.S.

Standing for, “Might As Well Love Somebody,” M.A.W.L.S. is an engaging 3 song project that stands on the themes of love, understanding and progressing together. Showcasing an distinct ability to pen relatable and enjoyable lyrics, Kaidd proves on songs like, “Getting High,” that his bag is bigger than just rapping, as he keeps up with Las Vegas vocalist Teddy Crooklyn for one of the standout tracks from the project. Also featuring Marq, Tira and Singerboi Mj, respectively, the project is without a doubt full of great music and plenty of gems, both in the form of unknown artists, and new music.

Take a listen to, M.A.W.L.S. below and get familiar with Chazzy Kaidd.



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