Kee Riche$ Releases “Selena”

Kee Riche$ Releases “Selena”

Kee Riche$ has been steadily building a foundation of supporters with a consistent output of music, merchandise, and performances for the past 3 years. While Kee’s music can range from the introspective stories about growing up on the westside of Compton (Letter To Quez), ratchet bangers, motivational music (Broke To Rich) and songs where he caters more the women. It seems like since he released “Westside Lady“, these type of songs tend to gain the most traction. 2019’s “Tell Me” was an undeniable smash that has amassed over 130k plays currently. “Selena” looks to be “Tell Me” and “Westside Lady”‘s successor. This is Kee at his most polished, channeling Fabolous’ in his Billboard topping heyday and drawing inspiration from Selena and how a woman reminds him of the late Latina superstar. I feel you Kee, she reminds me of Selena too.

Listen to “Selena” below.

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