RobTwo Can Do What You Do, But With His Eyes Closed

RobTwo Can Do What You Do, But With His Eyes Closed

When you’re a talented individual you can typically pick up anything you’re interested in and become proficient at it very quickly. After you’ve mastered this task you start trying to increase the difficulty to spice things up. One way to make things more difficult is to shut your eyelids, whether it’s shooting a basket, riding your bike, or creating a banger in the studio. While recording on protools with your eyes closed may be nearly impossible to you, RobTwo can. Selling out shows and selling out merchandise with his eyes closed, RobTwo can. Driving with his eyes closed, it looks like thats what he’s doing in this picture below, which seems dangerous, but the song is fire.

Look out for his forthcoming project, as “Eyes Closed” is the first single off “Far From Home”.

Listen below.

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