House Smells Like Pickles

House Smells Like Pickles

Game has just released “Black On Black”, his newest single, and it’s HOT. The Mekanics produced the beat for this song and they deserve all the credit they can get. This keeps you hooked as soon as the hook drops. Talking about the hook, Jeezy does the honors of providing it, like only Jeezy can do. This dude can seriously make a whole album that’s just hooks and I would listen.

Game steps up to the plate first talking about him selling dope. My favorite line is him doing anything for his “Destiny’s Child”, referring to his daughter but then goes on to say “She a Beyoncé, never be LeToya Luckett.” I thought LeToya’s roast was next week, guess Game didn’t get the memo. Jeezy continues the dope selling theme and ends his verse with “My pastor told me that the money is the root of all evil. I said if it is, then I lose my religion.” I’m with you Jeezy, In God We Trust. Kevin Gates has the last verse and he takes us through the struggle he had to grow up with. No electricity in the house and not bathing for so long, the house smells like pickles. I would tell Kevin to just take that Febreeze shower. Works every time.

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