Forcing Blood To Rush to Main Veins

Forcing Blood To Rush to Main Veins

Mila J recently released a new video for her song “My Main” with Ty Dolla Sign. The first image you see is of the beautiful Downtown LA skyline at night, then it quickly goes into the backstage of a club. Mila and the other dancers are getting ready to perform for the people at Club Main.

The song then starts and is followed by Mila and the other dancers performing some well thought out choreography to a song with a pretty touching topic: her main friend. She talks about how her and her main one have been through everything, how she’s her “ride or die”, and how she trusts her more than anyone else.

I think the video could’ve reflected the lyrics better other than just having the girls dancing, but it still came out real well. Ty Dolla Sign then adds a verse about his main one, but not his main homie, instead it’s about the main girl he fornicates with. Ty let’s us know also that he eats it in the morning like cereal. I really hope the cereal he’s referring to is Fruit Loops. The video ends with Mila and her mains forcing blood to rush to male’s main veins.  –Jay Lopez

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