Took Your Girl to Wal-Mart

Took Your Girl to Wal-Mart

Phora‘s visual for “Girl” is out now and it takes us through a date Phora has with a girl. It starts out with him brushing his teeth, because we all know you can’t have that morning breath if you go out. Use Listerine too, just in case. Then, he puts on an Angels jersey. Now at this

point, I’m questioning whether I should watch the rest of the video or not. But I did, and I’m glad I did so. He starts describing how this girl isn’t like the others, mentioning that she likes to listen to Pac and Biggie, and doesn’t fuck with Iggy. Him and his girl start eating cereal and get ready to take shots later on.

Then, we see them both getting on a bike at Wal-Mart and trying on a couple Halloween masks. Perfect place for a date. Well at least for Phora it is. I tried taking a girl there once because she wanted a new outfit so I said they sell cheap ones at Wal-Mart. Long story short, haven’t heard from her in 3 months. But it looks like they’re genuinely having fun, which is always great to see in a music video. The video then ends with them stealing a couple brews to drink before the night is over.

His new album Nights Like These is due to drop December 3rd.
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