Who wants to go through all that Flim-Flam

Who wants to go through all that Flim-Flam

Eric Bellinger has blessed us with this incredibly unique Awkward record featuring Game. Bellinger speaks on breaking up and the aftermath of it which is something I’ve never heard on a track before but it’s so real. Yeah its sad you guys broke up but what about the tragedy of having to divide your CD collection, get your glasses out of her car, and worst of all decide who keeps the password to the Netflix account. I’m almost certain that is the reason people stay too long in bad relationships, like who wants to go through all that flim-flam man. Then they have the nerve to work at a Taco Bell you occasionally go to, talk about awkward! L.I.G. Let it go I know, its hard though bruh, knowing I’m never gonna see my Lil……..Wayne 500 Degreez CD again.

Choose Up Season drops October 1st! –Vic Stunts 

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