Take Your Dog Delicious for a Run

Take Your Dog Delicious for a Run

Dubb can’t stop won’t stop. He’s been on a crazy run since signing to Blood Money Entertainment. My Day is the 7th track he has dropped in the past month alone, with no end in sight since his project Perfect Timing is still due out this year. This jazzy trumpet laced track showcases a triumphant yet humble side of the South Central rapper. He states every dog has his day and this is finally his. You can’t help but feel like climbing the tallest mountain or going for the longest run with your Dog Delicious after hearing this. The production is stellar thanks to Cy Fyre, B-Ham and Trumpet Dude. Look out for Dubb on Blood Money’s Year Of The Wolf October 14th and listen to him on #RosecransRadio on October 6th at 8 (Shameless Plug). –Vic Stunts

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