Front Porch Shin-Digs

Front Porch Shin-Digs

AV LMKR has crossed over, the official video video for Run Me Money has old white people in it! This is technically the second video for this song, the original was released, about a year ago! *Cue Shmoney Dance*. AV is letting every one know they need to run him his money during pool parties, front porch shin-digs, while he’s whipping the Phantom, all excellent times to let ’em know. Oh and Roy Jones Jr. with the cameo I see you!

After years of being on the LA underground circuit, AV is finally getting radio play with this single. The record is undeniably catchy. I’ve been telling my boss to Run Me My Money for the past two pay periods. I am now unemployed, blame Compton Ass AV and Bugsy On The Beat for that.

AV and I have the same barber. I didn’t know how to fit that in here but I wanted to mention it! Minuscule flex. –Vic Stunts

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