1TakeJay “The Biggest” Video

1TakeJay “The Biggest” Video

Being 1TakeJay is no small task and he had to let it be known on his brand new single and video titled “The Biggest”. Jay is braggadocios as ever, spewing the bars “I don’t eat at Burger King because I’m talented, I told her have it your way because I’m having it” in a much calmer manner on this track, as opposed to his typical zealous flow. The visual directed by YOURJUSTNTIME captures Jay’s spectacular life, filled with french maids bringing him the biggest breakfast, followed by him watching the biggest TV, with the biggest chain on, in the biggest penthouse. 

1TakeJay has kicked off this year with two new singles already and is just getting started as he plans on releasing much more music in the coming months sticking to the formula of consistency plus quality he has come to be known for. 

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