Orange County Rapper, Pretty Pape$ Turns in His Eclectic New Project, ‘Everything Soundz Better on Paper’

Versatility is one of the most crucial qualities to have if you strive to succeed in today’s music industry. With so much new content being thrown at us at rapid speeds, it’s fairly easy to see the one-trick-ponies, but much harder for them to stick. Hailing from Orange County, California, rising star, Pretty Pape$ has no such worry. Armed with the power to blend his impressive rapping ability with surprisingly vast vocal range, he releases his anticipated new EP, Everything Soundz Better on Paper.

Sporting absolutely no features, Everything Soundz Better on Paper is the creative exploration of Pape$ many talents. Throughout the 11-minutes, he uses the 4-tracks as sort of a sampler to allow us to peek behind the curtain. On, “Vybez,” and, “Straight Out The Juice,” he showcases he infectious knack for melodic progression, providing incredibly enjoyable sounds on these two records, perfect for any party setting. On the flip side, he utilizes, “No Sleep,” and, “Pronto,” to prove his talent as a capable lyricist, stringing together impressive moments. Produced by NoBrakes Mixx, “Pronto,” is Pape$ at his finest. While the other three records did a brilliant job of highlighting individual qualities, this song is the one where he strings them together.

Check out the project below and get familiar with Pretty Pape$, who’s recent live performance has been heating up the internet.


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