Las Vegas Native, Wave MMLZ Unleashes His Entertaining New Project, ‘Into The Sun’

One of the silliest arguments every provided in Hip-Hop history was that against a “producer/rapper.” How nobody–except Q-Tip–had the foresight to see that the people who created the beats, might actually know how to rhyme on them, will forever be beyond me. Still, despite the ignorance, We. Are. Here. And some of the best artists today have the ability to shift from in front and behind the boards. Coming out of Las Vegas, Wave MMLZ has been doing just that in Sin City for over a decade now. Serving as his second solo project, he releases his new album, Into The Sun.

At only 7-tracks, the project is an easy listen and even more easy to run back. Throughout the 16-minute run-time, Wave showcases the vast improvements that he’s made over time as an all-around artist. Sporting a vocal tone that was made to rip rhymes, the thing that he proves most on this project is his progression as a rapper. Already known as a go-to producer in Vegas, he’s spent the last 5-years or so crafting his abilities as an emcee. On songs like, “So Much On My Mind,” and “Bottle The Wave,” he showcases the fruits of his labor by providing quirky one-liners about pop culture wrapped in aggressively charged cadences.

With only 3 features with LostinVegas, dylAn & Speak, it’s clear that Wave wanted to use this project to highlight his improvements, and he did just that. Take a listen to Into the Sun below and get familiar with Wave MMLZ.


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