Problem Remains a Staple In LA With New Album Coffee and Kush Vol. 1.

Problem Remains a Staple In LA With New Album Coffee and Kush Vol. 1.

Compton rapper, Problem, has returned to the rap game with his new studio album, ‘Coffee and Kush Vol. 1’. Even though this is just his third studio album, this is his 16th project released since his career started back in 2006. 16 projects in 14 years is the definition of consistency, and is why he’s recognized as “OG”. Problem has become a staple in the California rap scene, and especially in the Los Angeles area. When he releases a project, the people of LA listen, as they should. However all of America should listen, the country is going through it. I don’t need to go into further detail, because you already know what’s happening. Problem’s storytelling ability is essential for a time like this.

Coffee and Kush Vol. 1 is a condensed 10-track project. The first single, released on April 2, is titled “Don’t Be Mad At Me”. The track is basically a story about him fucking up with his girl, and how he wants her to stop being mad at him, it’s pretty self explanatory. The track is produced by DJ Kai, who produced multiple tracks on the album. The second single is titled, “G Shit”, which is song 9 on the track list. The track is low tempo, and the beat samples Future’s “Married to the Game”. It’s produced by Grammy award winners in Larrance Dopson & Jairus Mozee. The third and final single is the “Janet Freestyle (Remix)”, a track where Problem’s storytelling ability really shines. He touches on the death of Nipsey Hussle, and the impact he made on his career before and after he passed.

 “I ain’t cry when Pac died, But I did when Nip did, maybe because I see a lot of me in bro, and All the dope shit Nip did”

Problem “Janet Freestyle (Remix)”

On the intro, “Coffee & Kush”, Problem sets the tone for his album like Folgers in the morning. “Where I Come From” is a track sounds stupendous in the whip, and will certainly get a good reception when Problem performed live. On “Top of the Top”, the Compton MC reflects on his journey to where he is now in life. “Lamborghini” & “Family Ties” are two album cuts that stand out. 

This is a quality over quantity project. With only 10 songs on the album, Problem still finds a way to leave hip-hop fans satisfied. It’s an easy 29 minute listen all the way through, but all of the music is high quality. Coffee & Kush Vol. 1 is out now on all streaming platforms.

Noah Soria

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