Mike Dinero Fears None In New Visual (Dir. Shotxkid)

Mike Dinero Fears None In New Visual (Dir. Shotxkid)

Mike Dinero is fearless. Being a Mexican-American growing up in Northeast Los Angeles, CA too often results in dealing with tragedy and death since an early age. Two outcomes can happen when dealing with those type of situations, you can live in fear, or you can fear none. Dinero chose the latter. 

Dealing with pain is something we’re all very accustomed to, but Mike Dinero bravely vocalizes it in his lyrics in hopes others will find solace in knowing they are not alone. His opening bars are “know a lotta pain ’cause I been through it” and last two bars of his hook are “I done been through the struggle so he blessed me, and I be praying to the lord he protect me”.

The timing of releasing his “Fear None” video is divine as it was set to drop before well before the tragic murder of George Floyd at the hands of a vile Minneapolis police officer. In this visual directed by shotxkid, Mike is shown in a cemetery overlooking Los Angeles, on a gloomy day reminiscing on his fallen friends Novacane and Dex as he prays for better days. 

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