Ralfy the Plug – “Thug Life” Feat. 03 Greedo

Ralfy the Plug – “Thug Life” Feat. 03 Greedo

As the city of Los Angeles waits for the day Stinc Team members & 03 Greedo are free, their music continues to find its way into the streets every so often. Ralfy the Plug & Greedo come together on “Thug Life” where they speak on juggin’ & finessing, a life that one can lie about but can only front with for so long. As they both speak from experience, the eeriness that the track contains only aids into the darkness that one can find themselves in living that life. Greedo comes in with his unique tone closing out the track from his perspective on coming up from that thug life. Tune in & share the track below!

Irene Guerrero

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