IAMSU! Releases “It’s Always Pure Love” EP

IAMSU! Releases “It’s Always Pure Love” EP

IAMSU! hits us with a 7 track EP “It’s Always Pure Love” that contains single “Every Girl Type” along with others that makes for a blissful listen. Within his vocals, he soothingly describes the drastic changes he’s experienced throughout life, making his way to getting money, & applying the pressure he needs to be at this best.
Although the title of the EP can be taken in numerous ways, once one listens it’s simply an ode to the way he carries himself; with pure love. As he works his way through his music with story, his intentions are always pure & he’s assured that what is for him will never miss. Stream & share your favorite tracks below!

Irene Guerrero

Twitter/Insta: @GigglesIrene "Makin' my wishes come true with no genie, man."

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