Mac Miller Protégé Choo Jackson Releases “Anime 2” Project

Mac Miller Protégé Choo Jackson Releases “Anime 2” Project

Choo Jackson, the REMember Music legacy act has released a very solid body of work titled “Anime 2”. If you’re a Mac Miller fan, you’re familiar with Choo from his memorable collaborations with Mac such as “HD”, and “Old Pictures On The Wall”. 5 months ago, Choo released the extremely heartfelt “Loner” video which was dedicated to the late great Mac Miller via his own imprint Foreverkool Records.

Anime 2′ is a sequel to his critically acclaimed 2016 project ‘Anime’, and is one of the rare occasions where the sequel is actually just as, if not more enjoyable as the original. This is the audio version of “Men In Black 2”, which should have taken home multiple Academy Awards, but that is neither here nor there. This project features production from notable producers Big Jerm, DJ Clockwork and more.

When speaking on the project Choo said:

This project was started a few years ago with Christo in my apartment. We wanted to make music we were influenced by. We started with “Gold medal” on our Outkast flow, just trying to bring real content back into the game. It got to a point I was tired of making the swag rap, too easy. I wanted to feed the soul with this project. The rest of the songs were inspired by N.E.R.D. – I always wanted to be in a band, lead singer to be exact. “Knock You Down” is what came out of that. All in all this project is about being lost, overcoming that, and finding yourself again.

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