NiQle Nut “NyQuil Freestyle” Video Is Extremely Effective

NiQle Nut “NyQuil Freestyle” Video Is Extremely Effective

Inglewood’s own NiQle Nut is back on Rosecrans Ave with the incredibly potent “NyQuil Freestyle”. If you’re wondering if this video will put you to sleep its the exact opposite. NyQuil is referenced because it’s the most effective thing you can cop from the shelf at your local pharmacy when you have a cold. NiQle, being the cold individual he is, spits icy bars like “I’m at your main bitch house right now, I left my toothbrush right there just like I live in it” over the blizzard-y beat. I also love how NiQle shouts out his manager Mickey and says “you lucky he married with kids, if not he’d be fuckin your bitch”; That’s easily the hardest manager flex of all time.

Watch the video below for yourself.

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