Vic Mensa has a knack for matching ill visuals to his tracks, Feel That is no exception. The Save Money MC is killin’ it, he’s been on a tear ever since moving to LA and experimenting with different sounds, artists, producers and directors. He got CALMATIC to shoot this one, this may be the South Central Director’s biggest video to date because of Vic’s large global fan-base. Calmatic’s resume includes directing videos for Ab-Soul, Kendrick, Kosher Kris, and Overdoz.

The video is crazy, the kid takes a drop of Acid to the ear and the trip commences. There’s a scene in the video literally plucked from my 14 year old wet dreams, BIG BOOTYS BOUNCING IN A BOUNCY HOUSE, I Feel Thaaat. Then there’s Vic hanging off a convertible twisting and turning thru Hollywood streets, improvised choreography and Chance and Chanel WestCoast make a cameo. My favorite part is placing that SAVE MONEY sticker on the strippers A$$, We need all strippers in the greater Los Angeles area to have that sticker on their A$$ to remind us when things are getting a little pricy. $80 dollars for 2 1/2 songs? Nah! SAVE MONEY BITCH! I’ll just invest in a bouncy house. –Victor Stunts

Rosecrans Vic

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