The Ringling Sisters man Young Veggies and IAMSU got that heat and they did another record together. This one is called Backflip, it’s one of those songs you know had to be influenced by real life events. The hook is “Bet the money make her do a backflip” I mean its catchy but really think about it logically. One of these hoes or maybe a group of hoes really be doing backflips at the club or the crib for the right price. There must be a group of laid off, displaced acrobats(maybe The Ringling Sisters) out there hungry for money willing to do backflips and other acrobatics just to eat. This deeply saddens me but this beat goes so hard.

Casey has recently made a push to fit in with the current LA/Bay sound. This uptempo, clap-bounce, turn up song is surely a swing at radio play. Backflip follows the Hit-Boy produced “The Boy” and CV has hinted at another DJ Mustard produced track to drop later this year. Personally, I feel Veggies is best on songs like “Aladdin”, “Ridin’Round Town”, and “Hella Faces” which have a slower, more thought out delivery. However, I respect him for getting out of his comfort zone with these tracks, don’t let them put you in a box! –Victor Stunts

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