Swifty Blue “Tiger Woods” ft Baby Yungin & OTM

Swifty Blue is back with another brand new single titled “Tiger Woods” featuring Texas own Baby Yungin and the Stinc Team’s newest muscle OTM. This comes a few months after his smash single “Swap For a Swap” featuring Kodak Black and producer Bighead which peaked at #24 on the Apple iTunes charts and coincided with Swifty’s viral “Check In” campaign which received over 1000 check ins on SwiftCheckIn.com from people wanting to visit Los Angeles. With an outpouring of press attention and cultural commentary about Swifty, he is capitalizing on it with more incredible music. 

“Tiger Woods” is an aggressive record which shows Baby Yungin crooning an excellent hook where he proclaims “riding dirty in the backseat, put my faith in God”. Stinc Team Duo OTM displays both Duffy and Pesos with their signature sinister bars in the vein of the late Drakeo The Ruler showing homage to the Stinc Team sergeant. Swifty also shouts out Drakeo during his verse then proceeds to spew the bars “Off the muscle, Grimey Gang, whole squad full of troopers, brought Kodak to the hook now my hood full of snipers”. 

Be advised as Swifty will continue to release new singles every few weeks in the coming months continuing to stake his claim as one of the West Coast’s most consistent acts ever. 

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