Heartbreaka “I Just Wanna Love You”

Heartbreaka “I Just Wanna Love You”

San Diego heartthrob Heartbreaka is back with a brand new single and accompanying video titled ” I Just Wanna Love You”. This smooth, guitar-heavy jam is yet another quality release from Heart who last month treated fans with “Blame” another love song, which had a much more solace tone, comparatively. In this George Orozco directed visual, the San Diego songwriter sits in his silk shirt at a local bar as he waits for his date to arrive. At first, it seems like she stood Heart up and he is drinking his sorrows away, but then it is revealed that it was a con the entire time, as the couple are doing their best Bonnie and Clyde impersonation robbing that establishment blind. With the recent crime surge in Southern California, an exorbitant divorce rate, and the dissolution of Kanye and Kim’s marriage, this is likely the most modern accurate love story available today. 

Heartbreaka is one of the most viewed Southern California artists of the past few years with over 175k YouTube subscribers and millions of views to his name, it’s only a matter of time before he’s embraced by the mainstream media. His new project “Beyond Repair” is expected to release in the next few weeks. 

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