It’s PAV4N Vs. The World On Polarizing ‘Strength In Numbers’ Single

It’s PAV4N Vs. The World On Polarizing ‘Strength In Numbers’ Single

Indian MC PAV4N is challenging the world with his latest politically charged single ” Strength In Numbers.”

Following his recent “Breathe” release, “Strength In Numbers” captures the Indian-born UK-based rapper’s frustrations with the ongoing wealth inequalities worldwide in addition to the COVID 19 pandemic that is currently ravaging India.

“A massive thank you to everyone supporting my new single ‘STRENGTH IN NUMBERS’” PAV4N wrote in an Instagram post.

“This is a very dear track to me and even though It was directly inspired by many of the events & unrest that has been caused in India, the paradigm of oppression is almost a blueprint of what we have seen from the States to Italy to Brazil to Colombia to What’s happening in Palestine.”

In a separate post, PAV4N revealed his commitment to utilizing Hip Hip to translate his message. “Hip Hop in India over the last 8 years has been the first time I’ve seen a mass youth and street movement disrupt these paradigms of systemic oppression.”

Additionally, PAV4N shared his nine-track All On Black album earlier this year.

Watch the full video for “Strength In Numbers” below.


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