B. CARR Is Back With “SLIDE”

B. CARR Is Back With “SLIDE”

Fresh off his contributions on the production for the critically acclaimed Judah & the Black Messiah soundtrack, B. CARR emerges as this refreshed voice out West as he embarks on a finely groomed artist project kicking off with his self-produced street savvy anthem, “Slide”. Overcoming every obstacle imaginable, B. CARR grasps his opportunity to earn his respectful seat at the table of emerging artists of 2021. 

As a proven common denominator across the most exclusive camps in music today, BCARR inspires with his investment in the ideology of coming full circle in due time. With a craving for authenticity and substance in his lyrics, B. CARR’s self-produced single “Slide” ignites his fiery sound against his hard-knocking production levels. 

Stepping out with authority, Slide demonstrates B. CARR’s influences across the music map proving your favorite producer can most certainly be your favorite rapper. Slide hits hard on the current demand for street-driven, high octane raps against the highest levels of production levels stemming out of the West Coast. 

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