Listen to Queens Vocalist, CamilosGarden & His Infectious New Single, “Tie Dye”

Melodies run Hip-Hop, it’s just time to admit it. Sure, lyricism is still highly important, and so are many of the other qualities that make up a star, but if we’re being honest, melodies are selling the records. Hailing from Queens, New York, melodic progression is the furthest from CamilosGarden‘s worries, as he proves his prowess in his new video for, “Tie Dye.”

Produced by Dee B, “Tie Dye,” finds Camilo eagerly showcasing his incredible melodic abilities. Armed with a vocal range that could span the ocean, he bends melodies and utilizes auto-tune to his advantage in an incredibly infectious way. Highlighted by a hard-to-forget chorus, as well as an enjoyable verse from Leigh Paris (who steals the show with his opening lyrics), “Tie Dye,” is Camilo putting some of his best work forward.

Directed by David Anthony Baez, the video for, “Tie Dye,” is a fun, quirky one that follows Camilo and Paris through a night of hijinks. Taking place in a Go-Kart alley, the video kicks off with the duo cleaning the place up before their manager comes in and let’s them know he’s leaving to…. enjoy the night, leaving the place up for grabs. What follows is a great night filled with Go-Karts, girls and lots of money, that eventually goes to the store manager to keep cool. In all, the video generates the kind of charisma that showcases Camilo’s potential as a star. Listen below and get familiar.


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