Rob Markman Teams Up With Doeman For “Easy Money Sniper”

Rob Markman Teams Up With Doeman For “Easy Money Sniper”

Rob Markman is a distinguished hip-hop journalist, who has worked with MTV News as well as XXL, and is currently the Director of Artist Relations at Genius. However, since 2017 Markman has tried his hand in rapping. In three years in the game, the New York native has already released two full projects in ‘Write To Dream’ and ‘It’s Too Late at the Wake’. Just this year alone, the Brooklyn MC has released 12 singles before August, seemingly outworking your favorite rapper. On August 1, Markman returned with his 13th single of 2020 with “Easy Money Sniper” featuring Doeman & DviousMindz

Rob Markman took to Instagram to post a picture with himself alongside Kevin Durant (aka Easy Money Sniper) with the caption “The #NBARestart got me inspired or sumthin.” The track is produced by DviousMindz who is a frequent collaborator of Markman’s. Markman handles the hook and the first verse, where he starts with his take on JAY-Z’s “What More Can I Say”. That’s followed by numerous motivational bars. A couple of lines that stood out were:

“They ever doubted you this motivation to prove it, Tomorrow’s never promised so all that waitin’ is foolish, Just understand they gonna laugh at first, And probably call it trash at first”

Rob Markman

Mexican-American rapper, Doeman shows out for the second verse. Dropping mob film references, a Tupac line, and a Marilyn Manson namedrop. However his best bar was his final line:

“This Colin Kaepernick, callin’ cap on these rapper’s shit, All them actors ain’t rappin shit, hungry and plus I’m passionate”


If you like real hip-hop that motivates you to be better, this track is for you. “Easy Money Sniper” is out now on all streaming platforms.

Noah Soria

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