Las Vegas Artist, Pocean Heads To Southern California In His New Video For, “Un Poco”

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Growing up, I grew up with a lot of Spanish speaking friends. I also took about three years of Honors Spanish classes in High School. I bring that up to say that none of that shit matters. Not one bit. Spanish is different in every single place that speaks it. That’s the beauty of it. As an outsider, you’ll never really conquer the language completely, but you can learn it enough to enjoy it’s nuances and participate. Not knowing some of the words, that’s exactly what I did for Las Vegas artist, Pocean’s new Spanish single, “Un Poco,” and I loved it…

Known more for his English music, “Un Poco,” serves as a new journey for Pocean. Channeling his roots, he actually provides a very intriguing performance, at times sounding as if this is his first language in regards to music. Produced by Joey Knocks, the production definitely helps Pocean accomplish this, as the two perfectly set up the scene for success. Coupling all of that with a brilliantly shot video from CMDeluxe and you’ve got yourself a potential crossover hit.

Be sure to check out the video below and get familiar with Vegas’ hidden gem.


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