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The Midwest Playboys Paint Pictures That Are Centerfold-Worthy On New Self-Titled Project

The Midwest Playboys is a loose collective of artists consisting of JodiTheMack, Richi Ray, NL Skooby, and Oneway. The four artist banded together over several things, which include making money, and managing women.

This band of Midwest Playboys did like the original Playboy magazine staff and moved their operation from the midwest all the way west to California. If you’ve seen their videos, you can infer that their house is decorated with the same bare elegance of Hollywood’s original Playboy Mansion, with a modern twist. The music is a reflection of their environment. Imagine the soundtrack to an Airbnb turned temporary Playboy Mansion filled with some rowdy midwesterners reveling their time in Hollywood, surrounded by beautiful women partaking in the consumption of less than legal party favors.

Tracks like “Freak Bitch” paint a picture that should be thrown inside a centerfold, “Pass On Her” makes you wish you were the 5th Midwest Playboy in the crew to witness one of these wild nights in the flesh.

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