Allelujah Dystopia’s “DEATH TO DYSTO” Project Is The Most Diverse You’ll Hear This Year

Allelujah Dystopia’s “DEATH TO DYSTO” Project Is The Most Diverse You’ll Hear This Year

When 21 year old actor turned artist Allelujah Dystopia was asked to share the story behind his latest project. He stated:

DEATH TO DYSTO means a lot to me because its my first full length SOLO project since 2017. Up until then, the majority of my work was geared toward collaborations. But I took a leap with this mixtape, opting to start something that was solely my own. I’d be lying if I said there weren’t ups and downs — I remember being so frustrated while working on it that I texted my bro GrooveC and contemplated scraping the whole thing. But I stuck to it because I’m a firm believer in following my dreams, til death do us part. And now, looking back in retrospect, I couldn’t be happier with it!! With DEATH TO DYSTO, I wanted to showcase my skill for song writing, witty bars, aggressiveness, and melody.”

When speaking on the composition of his project he said:

I also wanted to have a balance of diversity, so when the listener thinks they know what it is, BOOM- you are caught off guard and with every track, there is a pleasant surprise. Rico Nasty, XXXTENACION and Drakeo were HUGE influences of mine and this mixtape inception wouldn’t be what it is without them.”

For those who aren’t familiar with Allelujah Dystopia, he’s a twenty one year old actor turned artist who has been releasing music since 2017. In his past life he starred and appeared in various roles ranging from AT&T customer in a Cellphone commercial, to gangster kid in End of Watch. Just like his acting range, Dystopia’s musical spectrum is extremely wide, and he showcases this on his project “DEATH TO DYSTO”. You are going to hear pop, punk, gangster rap, story telling and more. If there is another artist bold enough to display all these styles of music genuinely, then someone is going to have to kill Dysto’s clone, DEATH TO DYSTO.

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