Avenue Interview’s Chicago’s Lil Mexico Beatz, Producer for G Herbo, Z Money, And More

Avenue Interview’s Chicago’s Lil Mexico Beatz, Producer for G Herbo, Z Money, And More


It’s a normal night for Lil Mexico Beatz also known as G Flexico, he’s just pulling up to the studio around 12:30 A.M.  He arrives with a few of his friends, one of them is Chicago artist Nike Boi. They’re in for a long night of working, most likely until the sun comes up. The emerging producer born and raised in Chicago but currently living out in Los Angeles is used to this. He’s in the studio almost every night with some of the most eminent faces in the game. The two he’s been around frequently the past few months would be fellow Chicago folks, Z Money and G Herbo. We talked on how he started making beats, upcoming work, and what it’s like in the studio below:

When did you start producing?

I started when I was about 19.

How old are you now?

I’m 20.

So you just got into it.

Yeah, hell yeah. I just tapped into this shit.

How exactly did you get started with it all?

Shit I just used my moms computer and I was making beats off there. On this demo version of this program Fruity Loops and then boom, it just took it to the next level.

Have you always stuck with Fruity Loops?

Yeah yeah, that’s what I been jugging on.

Do you lay down the melody or the drums first?

I do both, I switch it up. A lot of times I’ll do melody first but I switch it up to the drums too sometimes.

Who were you listening to when you were growing up?

When I was younger it was all popping people like Soulja Boy and Lil John. You know all those people back then. Then I started to get into like Chief Keef and G Herbo. I was big into all that and found my way into it.

Definitely now you’re making music with Herb, how’d you get linked up with Z Money and him?

I was working out at this studio in Chicago and they all used to pull up there all the time. I just gave them my beats and they were fucking with me. We just created a little bond and now that’s like big bros. Herb, Z Money, all of them.

How was it making the “Chiraq Mogul” tape, were you in the studio with him making it?

Yeah it was lit. That last track I really did on “Chiraq Mogul”, he was actually about to trash that song. He did like half a hook and I told him he should just do it. He ended up finishing it and then he was like “Damn this actually hard”. Then put it on the tape.

Who was your first big placement?

It was Herb, that was my first. It was called “I belong” with Neno Calvin.

This year what’s your favorite project you’ve worked on or favorite record you’ve made?

So far probably, I don’t know really I got a lot of crazy stuff in the tuck. Probably something that’s out though would have to be the Z Money tape.

Who have you been working with? 

I’ve really been locked in with Trippie Redd, Future, shit a lot of people. I’ve been dabbling into a lot of big artists as well. EDM artists too like Marshmelo and Diplo, I got some collab tracks with them.

What can we expect in the next couple months from you if you can name anything?

Right now definitely be on the lookout for more Z Money, Trippie Redd, and then Herb as well. Probably set here to drop some stuff pretty soon.

Are you bouncing back and forth from LA to Chicago right now or are you just posted out there?

I was for a little second but now I’m just out here with it.

What’s a normal night in the studio like for you?

Really just a whole lot of weed smoking and working, *laughs* that’s really about it.

Do you have a lot of people in and out of there every night?

Sometimes we got a whole bunch of motherfuckers and sometimes it just be a couple people. It all depends, you’ll never know.


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