Prince Kofi – “Have A Party” Music Video Feat. Abyssinian Gold & Collin Duhh

Prince Kofi delivers a new music video for the track “Have A Party” that will be featured on his upcoming “Summa Time in LA Mixtape.” Produced by Paupa Got Beats, the track is one that needs to be added to this summers playlist!
Kofi stated, “Summers in LA are known to be dangerous [&] going to a party in the wrong place can end up in tragedy. I wanted to switch the energy, make it more of an open invite just ‘pull up to my side & we can have a good time tonight.’

The video is set within a wholesome party as drinks are passed around & the voice of Abyssinian Gold comes in beautifully. Good vibes can be seen all around as the company in attendance enjoy themselves. Collin Duhh comes in with a verse of his own adding a laid-back energy with his calm demeanor. Watch the visual below & be sure to check back in for what’s to come from Prince Kofi!

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  2. Club banger 🤭👹😈💙🙏🏼

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