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Drake releases new diss track aimed towards Pusha T & Kanye West

Drake is firing back with no hesitation to what was said about him by Pusha T on his track “Infared” where Pusha spits the lines:

“The game’s f*cked up, n***as’ beats is banging n***a, ya hooks did it
The lyric pennin’ equal to Trump’s winnin’
The bigger questions is how the Russians did it
It was written like Nas
But it came from Quentin”

The jokes of Drake having ghost writers is something he doesn’t take lightly. Although it’s been a topic that is brought up a lot, especially by those who argue to say he’s one of the greatest; in less than 24 hours Drake let it be known (again) that he isn’t here to play games.

Drake released a “Duppy Freestyle” where it opens with a smooth feel as listeners hear the 6God say, “I’m in shock, the nerve, the audacity…” Drake takes it a bit further by dissing the ‘Father stretch your hands’ rapper as well… Drake is just ‘tired of sitting quiet letting his enemies eat.’ Listen for yourself below & let us know what you think.


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One comment on “Drake releases new diss track aimed towards Pusha T & Kanye West

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