3rd “THAT PURRR” Prod. Saltreze (Hosted by Cypress Moreno)

3rd “THAT PURRR” Prod. Saltreze (Hosted by Cypress Moreno)

LA’s west kept secret 3rd (formerly known as 3rd Ave) has returned and brought the all the FUNK with him. You may have heard him and a snippet this record on Rosecrans Radio’s 3rd Episode  (shameless plug), but the full version just premiered on Elevator via Cypress Moreno Soundcloud page.

If you get the sudden urge to boogie, blame it on the fact Saltreze was likely cooking this beat up as he sat next to 3rd, who was rapping in a stationary lowrider parked in a LA backyard (meanwhile a Carne Asada ensued, with funk music blasting from spider web-filled 90’s house speakers). Play this for your momma, your grandma, your tia, and notice they will proceed to shake those rusty hips. Also, your Dad will be proud you’re no longer polluting his palace by pumping lil pump at repulsive levels and ask you “who sings this song?”.

Play below and follow 3rd and Saltreze on Twitter and IG.

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