Big $wift “YN$” Prod. Saltreze

Big $wift “YN$” Prod. Saltreze

Big $wift is back killing shit! The 562 legend received a fire Saltreze beat, sat there, likely smoked a fat backwood, wrote some lyrics and constructed with this incredible record titled “YN$”. This is the type of summer smash that is going to have you stunting when you’re sliding down Florence, Firestone, Imperial, Rosecrans, Telegraph, or wherever you lay your head.

Fams, before ya’ll listen, understand that Big $wift has the coldest, misogynistic lyrics in the game right now. So fellas if you ever notice you’re beginning to cupcake a little too much ask yourself, “what would $wift do?”. Want to take that gregarious girl from Instagram on a nice sushi date?  $wift says, “rather save a dollar, than save a bitch”. If you aren’t sure whether to make love to a girl or dog her out and dip, remember “fuck that hoe like you hate that bitch” in honor of $wift.

Listen below.

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