Craigy F “F*ck My Ex” Prod. Bruce Wayne

Craigy F “F*ck My Ex” Prod. Bruce Wayne

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Craigy F has returned! Only three months after he and Wave Matthews released one of the best new-wave R&B projects of the year ‘Ridge Season 2: Rise of The Villains‘, Craigy is back with a summer smash and could quite possibly be the song of your summer (especially if you recently broke up with your significant other). “F*ck My Ex” is such a banger it’s going to make you want to stunt on every single ex you’ve ever had, immediately. You’re going to want to play this at max volume in your whip when you pull up to the spot and hope you run into your ex and indelibly flex on him or her. This song is the perfect mix of petty and catchy, you’re gonna wanna sing and tweet “fuck my ex yeah” even if you left off on great terms with them, it’s that good.

Listen for yourself below.

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