Az Swaye “All Love” Prod. Armvndo Beats

Az Swaye is taking shit back to the streets and giving us a profuse amount of bars about his current situation. Swaye has recently garnered a lot of attention for his single “Ride With My Glock” all over LA, and is dealing with the positives and the negatives as they come, in the end it’s All Love though.

Swaye’s hard-hitting bars evokes memories of a young DMX, while everyone is out here harmonizing and focusing on singing the catchiest melodies, he’s feeding the streets high quality records, laced with raw bars consistently. The way Swaye is breaking through is very similar to the time when X came out in New York circa 1998. While everyone was dancing in their shiny suits during the Bad Boy era, the Darkman came through and took it back to the streets with “Get At Me Dog” and went on to become a superstar. I have a strong feeling Swaye is on his way to reaching the same level of success.

Listen below!

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