Kendrick & Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” Video

Kendrick & Taylor Swift “Bad Blood” Video

Man, I hate to be that guy complaining about their favorite artist going mainstream and stepping into the pop world but that’s how this song makes me feel.

Kendrick Lamar was featured on a remix of Taylor Swift’s record “Bad Blood” off of her 1989 album and now he’s allllll up in the video. I don’t think Kendrick did anything wrong, I feel him, get yo’ money man, but Taylor Swift’s music is trash to me. BUT, this video is so fuckin’ cool. You’re going to see your favorite young stars, Selena Gomez, Zendaya, Jessica Alba among more. I wish they made this video into an actual movie. Kendrick just kinda stays behind the scenes watching shit go down from his lair like Ron Stoppable. Watch it below!

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