Kehlani “You Should Be Here” Stream and Purchase

Kehlani “You Should Be Here” Stream and Purchase

Oakland native and current LA resident Kehlani, (the tsunami mami) just released her much anticipated YSBH albumixtape. The 20 year old R&B singer is on fire and has built an immense amount of buzz due to her amazing voice, songwriting ability and unlike most of today’s female entertainers not named Beyonce she can actually dance (no, not twerking) and put on a hell of a show. Her talent is reminiscent of R&B’s golden era, you know like when you actually had to be able to sing, dance, perform and look cute doing it. I believe this tape is going to be looked back on as her breakthrough project that catapulted her into stardom, much like Drake’s 2008 offering So Far Gone. You Should Be Here features an amazing cast of collaborators including Chance The Rapper, BJ The Chicago Kid, Lexii Alijai, Coucheron and producer Jahaan Sweet. Listen below and purchase here!

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