“Aliens & UFO’s” Gerard x Julian Dova

“Aliens & UFO’s” Gerard x Julian Dova

Gerard and Julian Dova have released this new wave titled “Aliens & UFO’s“. This is a dope true R&B ballad but has an undeniably fly twist to it when Julian closes out the track from his spaceship. Gerard showcases his amazing vocals and unique song writing ability throughout. I’m excited to hear more records of Gerard’s.

Alien’s & UFO’s could have also been titled the XXX Files, you know a play on the old fox show the X Files about Alien’s and UFO’s. That theme music still gives me the heebie-jeebies to this day. After listening to this, I realized this song would have been the perfect backdrop to the series finale where Agent Mulder and Scully finally give in to their sexual tension, and get it on while everyone watches.

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