Kendrick Lamar- “I Am” Short Film Presented by Reebok

Kendrick Lamar- “I Am” Short Film Presented by Reebok

Kendrick Lamar is an inspiration. The Compton raised emcee has told us to love ourselves, proven to us anything is possible, he’s showed us what a classic album sounds like and now he is showing us what his Reebok Classics look like. Kendrick has reportedly partnered up with Reebok to release a signature collection of merchandise including the shoes featured in this short film the Ventilator OG’s. The capsule collection is set to drop Fall/Winter 2015.

Watch below as Kendrick takes you through Compton, for example the Tam’s Burgers on Rosecrans Avenue, his alma mater Centenniel High and the riverbeds none of you should ever go check out for yourselves (we here at care about your safety). This collection might be as popular as the S. Carter line of 2003, so popular it may have young ladies asking their sponsors “why you don’t buy me Reeboks no more?”

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