Cheesy Pizza Puns

Cheesy Pizza Puns

Lupe Fiasco orders LA’s top turn up singer Ty Dolla Sign to “Deliver” a soulful hook you almost forgot he was capable of. Lupe is using Pizza deliveries as a metaphor for how bad the neighborhood has become. Things have gotten so bad Papa John’s and Domino’s will no longer send billy to the south-side of Chiraq Chicago to deliver a supreme pizza. Chicagoans are forced to eat frozen Digiorno for dinner. The Pizza Man don’t come here no more, shit the Ice Cream Man only shows up after 11pm, but I don’t think he’s selling banana splits though. It’s an interesting concept, I’ve never thought of a neighborhood getting so bad at tipping the Pizza Man it becomes a no pizza zone. One of my goals in life is to move somewhere so pricy the Elote/Raspado Man won’t go there no more. Even though I got love for them, hearing them honk that horn everyday at 5pm can really work your nerves.

Seriously though, this is a good, supremely deep song with plenty of cheesy pizza puns and toppings topics that needed to be addressed.

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