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LilChoc Gotty “Add It Up”

Watts, California’s newest star LilChoc Gotty is right back with another single titled “Add It Up” produced by Ninety7 and recorded by Mousa Recordings. The sinister track showcases his dexterity as his last release “Mulato” was a bit more light-hearted…

LilChoc Gotty “Mulato”

While Watts, California is only two square miles in size, its influence and notoriety in music and U.S. history is immeasurable. The small city has birthed a disproportionate amount of stars and statistically speaking one would assume the talent pool…


Conscious rappers don’t always have to be boring, and Watts own’ Bambu is no exception. Always outspoken, Bam gives us a lesson on corruption in the criminal justice system without leaving us asleep. Listen below for yourselves. This one is a banger!